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Vancouver, Canada
Blogger. Beauty, Health, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Home.

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Welcome to my blog, Miss Merryl aka Trendmebeauty. My name is Merryl and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I’ve always loved art in school but originally grew up wanting to be a nurse. But, the thought of seeing sick people daily, made me rethink my career goals. That’s how I became an esthetician. I wanted to help people feel and look good about themselves. I graduated as an Esthetician in 2005 and love all things beauty.


I originally created this blog to share reviews, tips and tutorials on beauty related stuff, like skincare and makeup. But after a year of blogging, I decided to expand my horizons. I also love crafts, traveling, food and photography. So, I decided to post about all of the above plus fashion, health, fitness, lifestyle and pretty much anything else I can think of. I’m also a bit of a techy gal so once in a blue moon I may share some tips on that.


Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!




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